Sunday, June 29, 2014

The new 2014 LOGO GIRL IS HERE!

Congratulations Nada! My followers voted her as my 2014 BBW Pin Up Logo Girl! My apologies of taking so long on this project. This year has been a challenging one! I'm just over the hump of a long set of changes in my life, but I am happy to announce that there will be ALOT more BBW art coming from me this year. I've got some new projects started and will announce those as soon as they progress.

With out any further adeiu... Here she is folk!
NADA! The Ricky Daniels 2014 BBW Pin Up Logo Girl!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Leah-Vampire Theme-Commission Piece 06/2014

My little fairy is back as a Hot Vampire Mistress of the Night! Welcome back Leah's second commission piece! Thanks again Leah! You managed to pick another greath theme for a sophmore pin up! I look forward to a third! But what will it be?? In the meantime folks enjoy this one! I had a blast working in it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Pin Up Art for Kari "Platinum Puzzy" Anthony!!

I am THRILLED that I can finally share this with all of you. Kari "Platinum Puzzy" Anthony hired me to do two pin ups for her new website. She is re-vamping her current site as well as starting her new ALL-CAM Voyeur House website that will be filled with BBW honeys for you all to drool over! These pin ups will be incorporated into her new logo and I believe she will be selling poster versions of these at trade shows. I want to thank Kari for being such an awesome client! I had a great time working on her pin ups and she was alot of fun to work with. Without any further adeiu, Here she is!

Thanks for checking it out! I'll get Kari's links up here soon!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Commission Piece 03/2014- Trudi- Beauty and Brains!

Here I am again posting another one! Thanks Trudi for another commission!

Sharon "Hello Nurse!" My first non BBW commission piece

Hey Folks!
Glad you're all still around and following my blog! I see that most of you have moved to my Facebook page, but regardless I still like to post here for those that don't have Facebook. Tonight I am posting something new. This is my first "non BBW" commission pin-up. Before I get any kind of responses to this I'd like to say a few things. ALL WOMEN (every shape and size) is BEAUTIFUL. Yes; I happen to prefer bigger women. That is something that is NEVER going to change. The second question I am going to answer is; Will I be doing more of these? The answer is; Only time will tell. If someone of a different size or gender wants a pin up from me and they are willing to pay my fee. Then yes! So there you have it!

Now on to my latest pin up!